Thursday, September 13, 2018

Don't play with fire (a feminist word of caution)

Perusing through the book shelves at the 9th floor of UM's Richter Library, what a delicious pass time! & I find Rethinking The Reasonable Person, (from Oxford Press). The feminist chapter starts by subverting of objectivity with the "men are unreasonable" cliché.

Ready as I am to put it back on the shelf, I hurry towards the end of the chapter and find this scrap:
The danger, it seems, is that subjectivization of standards permit discriminatory attitudes ... to affect the degree of self-control he is required to exercise in provocative situations. Thus, precisely because of their ‘ordinariness’, which is after all the very quality that distinguishes prejudice from more discrete and individualized forms of hostility, discriminatory beliefs such as racism, sexism, and homophobia seem likely to seep into a subjectivized standard.
Translation? The feminist war on objectivity backfires because it grants subjectivity a mighty power to subvert any appeal for right or wrong beyond individual opinions. That much needed arbiter is, well, objectivity.  How come they didn't see it?
Don't play with fire.


Doug said...

Facts aren't Facts, truth isn't truth....

atRifF said...

Hahaha, Doug, that's historic.