Tuesday, May 1, 2018

human-art vs. bot-art

art fair art of 2018

alfReDo tRifF

What if in 200 years from now, art doesn't collect the same aesthetic properties of today's art?

The future brings a convergence of economic and aesthetic trends: a demand for "high finish" in art (where art catches up with haute design) plus "outsourcing" (inherited from early-2000s globalization). Both are firmly entrenched in what is known today as "art-of-not-making."

By 2118 contemporary artists give up the "making" in favor of just "designing." Contemporary art is now so labor-intensive that it's taken over by bot-labor. This art is of better quality than that of human artisans, and yet, to the trained eye, the execution exhibit properties referred to as "bot-art."

Add to the recipe the collusion of human/aesthetics vs. bot/aesthetics, where the latter has notes not yet fully understood by humans. It has to be frustrating for humans to accept that bots entertain ideas of beauty that differ from human standards (the reason is bot-qualia, e.g., the difference felt between humans and bots' mental states, as Twenty first Century human programmers kept taking for granted bots' mental states as a carbon copy of their own). For example, what we still call "beautiful" in 2118 they call "optimal." One side effect of this tension is that "design" is now considered by humans as more promising -aesthetically speaking- than art. Another side-effect is that "bot-art" -as it is pejoratively called- is a lesser form of "art of not-making" for a new generation of angsty human curators.

Left to compete with A.I.'s art, human artists have dropped all "digital" media to fully embrace hands-on art. A bit too late: "man-made" art has the feel of pre-Modern standards, minus Modern art's drive for originality. And yet, while abandoning what some call "bot-flatness," human art of 2200s looks not much different than 2018 art-fair art, minus the latter's Postmodern posturing.

Odd, isn't it?


swampthing said...

Breaking news, a robot killed a human at an automobile factory. The robot felt bad.

Alfredo Triff said...

Hahaha. It will, soon.

Chawdrick said...

Is that bot-art or monkey-art? Why the orange peels?

Alfredo Triff said...

Chawdrick, me thinks it's more monkey-bot-art. :)