Tuesday, January 30, 2018

How left and right become gurgling buddies

model posing @ l'ecole des beaux arts, end of 19th century

This morning's NYTimes: 
Two women recently told The New York Times that Mr. Close had asked them to model naked for him, requests that made them feel exploited and uncomfortable. And on Tuesday, HuffPost published similar accounts from women, including one who described stripping in front of Mr. Close. HuffPost reported he then moved toward her in his wheelchair "so that his head was inches away from her vagina," and said it "looks delicious."
Ok, paraplegic Close is a dirty old man. But in the first case he's simply proposing a common painter/model transaction. The would-be-model is free to say "no, thanks." Not a dirty proposal. Naked modelling is a staple of the fine arts (and a decent job at that). In the second case, after Close's "dirty" remark, the model gets dressed, picks up her things and leaves the vieux cochon alone.

But to use these private and personal incidents to cancel Mr. Close's show at the National Gallery of Art in Washington?

This is Art Market typical artsy plotting & charting for an opening to attract media attention and influence in the unbefitting Co. of right-wing-conservatism posing as "liberal" justice.

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