Thursday, August 25, 2016

on the fringes of being

alexius meinong 

is it ever too late?
nay i say.
never too late to get my hands on alexius meinong.
why did i never read him in graduate school?
why did i repeatedly passed over his name on countless footnotes of lesser authors than he?

to understand being we have to look on the fringes of being: the "incomplete," the "alter," the "quasi," the "non,"

"the completing is never quite completed" is a phrase in novalis, but meinong went further. he walked the walk.

objects exist, subsist, merely exist...

i remember entertaining a "rounded square" in my mind during my metaphysics class. i'd "feel" my own cerebration, the square wrestling its definitional form: to "round" its corners, its very squareness to quasi-roundness, to push the form to a squircle (though clearly this is not the end-form, which is impossible).

once the squareness is left behind the hybrid moves to sosein, the space of "homeless beings."

the mind gets the impossibility, the nichtsein (entertained as the impossible superimposition).

in meinongian, the rounded-square "subsists,"

(a brief intro for meinong would be fans here)

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