Thursday, June 2, 2016

chaos wins!

1. Rig Veda (India): There was neither nonexistence nor existence; darkness was hidden by darkness; all this was water.
2. Upanishad (India): In the beginning the cosmos was self alone, in the shape of a person. This self (atman) split in two, husband and wife.
3. Pangu story (China): In the beginning only dark chaos prevailed in the universe.
4. Taoist story (China): There was confusion: primal simplicity, commencement, beginnings, material. Things were not yet separated.
5. New Zealand Maoris: The universe was in darkness; water was everywhere; there was no light.
7. Hawaiian story: There was deep darkness; gods came out of the night.
8. Mayan story Popol Vuh: The universe was resting, motionless and silent; the heavenly expanse was empty. There was only the resting water, the silent sea.
9. North American Indian story: The initial being awoke, wondered what to do, and finally began to cry. His tears formed the waters.
11. Greek Hesiod poem: At the beginning of everything was chaos, out of which came amid much violence earth, gods, and humans.
12. Icelandic Edda story: There was an initial chaos, the great void, from which various gods arose.
13. Babylonian creation story Enuma Elish: There was a chaos without heaven and earth; only water existed, from which the gods arose.


judith ghashghaei said...

Si, ha ganado.. El caos es campeon galactico!

Alfredo Triff said...

Bravo, Judith!

Robert Linsley said...

Chaos was, chaos is, chaos will be

Alfredo Triff said...