Thursday, March 31, 2016

Zaha Hadid, the Grande Dame of contemporary achitecture, is dead

I'm deeply saddened by Zaha's passing. She dies in Miami, a city she really loved & apologetically referred to as "the Venice of the Caribbean."

Lucky we are to have a Zaha in construction: Miami's One Thousand Museum!

Here's my 2004 interview with Zaha for the Miami New Times (years before she got her One Thousand Museum commission). 

Miami has a very interesting topography -- all these islands, the beach -- I love cities that are metropolises and also resorts. They offer people the possibility of getting out of their daily chores of life and enjoying themselves for a couple of hours. I've driven through the downtown and I see it needs to be rejuvenated. It could in fact be reinvented. There are interesting possibilities for reinvention in that area next to downtown, where all these museums will be. Or in Brickell, where they could create a different approach to that urban strip. Miami has so many facets.

Monday, March 14, 2016

the new generation of zombies are the civilians under 24/7 bombing in Syria!

This "zombie" walks through the streets of a doomsday Syrian city. He owes his undead fortune to:

1- Crumbling of Middle-East autopilot monocracies,
2- Sunni/Shia/Alawite implosion,
3- Post-Cold-War proxy interventionism,
4- Iraq War,
5- Jihad Inc.,

Friday, March 11, 2016

Marco Rubio rigorous climate change logic

Sure the climate is changing, and one of the reasons the climate is changing is because the climate has always been changing.


There has always been climate,
There has always been change,
So, climate is changing,
Thus, Climate has always been changing!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

are algorithms people?

the question is presented by computer scientist and writer jaron lenier in a video.

my answer is yes (my "yes" is not tensed)

personhood requires reason, autonomy, sentience (free choice?). let's call these person-properties P. if so, an algorithm is a person if it's P-realizable.

why not?

P-realizability is conceivable & it doesn't violate any physical laws. 

the next question is more interesting: are H-people (humans) A-people (algorithms)?

(this answer needs another post).