Friday, January 22, 2016

some thoughts on parmenides, time and the bounded-universe-paradox


I made a point in my last Honors 11am class:

For the Pythagoreans: time is the devil

absence of time in mathematics (for artistic minds)

then Parmenides, advises (in Pythagorean):
"what is is" "what is not is not." 
he adds an important point:
χ ρ ε ώ δέ σε πάντα ήμέν Άληΰείης εϋκυκλέος ατρεμές ήδέ βροτών δόξας, ταϊς οϋκ 'ένι πίστις πυύέαϋαι ητορ αληύής is necessary that you will learn both the unmoving heart of well-circled truth and the false notions of mortals, in which there is no true faith. 

what's that?

truth has guises. do not confuse the spokes for the wheel.

see the wheel as a sort of topological manifold:

I propose the apophatic via negativa of Hindu philosophy. The challenge is to try to formulate such concept mathematically (topology?)

Posit your universe U, just don't represent it.* (If you do, you fall back in the limited/universe paradox).

Let's imagine Parmenides in 4 dimensions: time now doesn't flow, just IS.

so, the is not an event in space/time.

events {ë} are ordered by "earlier than" or "later than," but no event is singled out as "present," except by convention.  think about it, what makes {ë} simultaneous across the universe? cannot be an intrinsic property of {ë} because you presuppose an observer, i.e., a consciousness.

The aim of physics (not that of math) is to be inherent to phenomena.

Why is this important?

because causation is a form of event-generation, i.e., it's event-dependant. 

Come back to Parmenides: we live in a time-cage. 

there's no escape.  

dS/dt ≥ 0 **

yeap: time is irreversible.


* If we posit the universe as U, there will be always [U]º outside it. ** Boltzman's formula for 2nd law of thermodynamics.

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