Friday, January 15, 2016

sublime abuse

Rosenkranz Our Product

I open artlog and find this blurb from curator Maureen Sullivan, covering the 2015 Venice Biennale:
Supernatural forces and serenity combine in several projects including the Switzerland, Korean, and USA pavilions as well as offsite projects. In Switzerland’s pavilion, Pamela Rosenkranz’s Our Product creates a sublime and radiant environment using the elements of color, light, sound, smell – and stated but undetected components such as hormones and bacteria. Green light and paint create a glowing environment in the first rooms that lead to a pink bubbling pool of water (the average color of northern European skin), hues the artist says were inspired by Venetian painting and the light in Venice; synchronized pumps generated by a real time algorithm create the subtle sound of a beating heart or running water; and according to the artist, we should be noting the smell of fresh baby skin (undetected by me, perhaps more conceptual or more likely drowned out by the musky sweat of the many doing the run around to see 180 projects.) 
Sullivan presents "supernatural forces" as a thing along with "serenity," a disposition.

She describes Pamela Rosenkranz's environment as a "sublime and radiant environment."

Isn't "sublime" good enough?

On a different note: is Sullivan on salvinorin?

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