Tuesday, January 26, 2016

the irresistible appeal of jazz

where else do you find, (after hundreds of hours of practice building a vocabulary),

1- randomly-chosen, patiently developed (internalized) phrases, 
2- operating within local constraints, such as changing chord sequences and musical form,
3- being played [in the now], 
4- as a music discourse that supervenes the player(s)?


Banyan Abbey said...


Banyan Abbey said...

Dr Triff,

I sent you an email a few months ago. I wanted to meet with you and discuss writing. I would like your opinion and mentoring on writing essays and articles for publishing. As I work within philosophical, spirituality and jazz constructs, I thought you'd be an essential contact. I'm also a percussionist who would like to play a gig or two with your ensemble.

All my best,

Fr Daniel Medina, DMin
Adjunct Faculty, MDC
VITAS Chaplain

Alfredo Triff said...

Please, Daniel, send that email again.