Wednesday, January 13, 2016

contrane I? coltrane II? coltrane III?

coltrane's original handwritten music sheet for a love supreme

down beat magazine publishes an interesting 1962 article addressing the controversy of whether coltrane and dolphy are playing "anti-jazz," 
"I heard a good rhythm section ... go to waste behind the nihilistic exercises of the two horns. ... Coltrane and Dolphy seem intent on deliberately destroying [swing]. ... They seem bent on pursuing an anarchistic course in their music that can but be termed anti-jazz."-- John Tynan, Down Beat, November 23, 1961.
the article entertains the received consensus of three coltranes:

coltrane I 
coltrane II
coltrane III

only the first coltrane was really accepted by the mainstream swing/straight-ahead critical establishment.

"destroying swing?" tynan definitely missed the boat for posterity.

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