Tuesday, January 27, 2015

poor luc

the guardian went ballistic over the recent tuymans affair.
That he reused Van Giel’s photograph of a rightwing Belgian politician, taken in 2010, is not in doubt. Tuymans’s painting is both a portrait of a politician, and a painting of Van Giel’s photograph. Yet there is an enormous difference between the photograph and the painting. Scale is different. Colour is different. Shadows and highlights are shifted, recast, added to and emphasised, abbreviated and deleted.
all the spiel about scale and color and parody misses a crucial point. this is not a painting of van giel's photo,  it's rather a painting from the photo. katrin van giel has the right to question tuymans' appropriation of her work. is she not an artist as well?

(you would do the same if you were in her position).

i feel no pity for luc.

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