Friday, January 30, 2015

moi a plagiarist?

you mean appropriationist?
i don't get it. what's the big deal? i only appropriately appropriate! i mean, there are few similarities, but look at all the differences: the NAF NAF ad has the girl wearing a jacket in the snow; in my piece it's summertime, the girl lies in the sand and has goggles on her head. and the pig wears a festive floral wreath, and there's a penguin sidekick, who looks pretty shocked with whatever is going on. don't you get it? i'm punning man, i'm punning! 

jeff koons' fait d'hiver 
when an artwork is oversimplified to fit a particular framework (the mass media) the artwork suffers the very kind of populist "dumbing down" that I have spent my entire career fighting. Through my artwork ... I have consistently endeavoured to promote knowledge and expertise over ignorance. *
(point taken. luc is more articulated than jeff).

* tuymans' defense against the charge of plagiarism in a belgian court.

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