Wednesday, January 28, 2015

luc's true "parody" is the market's nose of wax

i'd like to pursue the idea of "parody" in luc tuymans' scandal from a different angle. 
"Of course they will now say it’s a parody, since that is the only way to escape judgement," said Van Giel’s lawyer, Dieter Delarue. "To my knowledge, Luc Tuymans is not really best known for his humorous works. This defense is more of a parody than the work itself."
not so fast:

is tuymans' "a belgian politician" in Erik Lefkovsky's collection? (checkmark)
is "a belgian politician" an appropriation of a fellow artist? (checkmark)
is "a belgian politician" part of the commerce of global art commodities? (checkmark)
has "a belgian politician" increased in (market) value after the scandal? (checkmark)
could tuymans' lawsuit (and koons' pending lawsuit) be seen as the market's "correction" of an established trend? (checkmark)

then, luc's true "parody" is the market's nose of wax. 

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