Friday, January 30, 2015

moi a plagiarist?

you mean appropriationist?
i don't get it. what's the big deal? i only appropriately appropriate! i mean, there are few similarities, but look at all the differences: the NAF NAF ad has the girl wearing a jacket in the snow; in my piece it's summertime, the girl lies in the sand and has goggles on her head. and the pig wears a festive floral wreath, and there's a penguin sidekick, who looks pretty shocked with whatever is going on. don't you get it? i'm punning man, i'm punning! 

jeff koons' fait d'hiver 
when an artwork is oversimplified to fit a particular framework (the mass media) the artwork suffers the very kind of populist "dumbing down" that I have spent my entire career fighting. Through my artwork ... I have consistently endeavoured to promote knowledge and expertise over ignorance. *
(point taken. luc is more articulated than jeff).

* tuymans' defense against the charge of plagiarism in a belgian court.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

luc's true "parody" is the market's nose of wax

i'd like to pursue the idea of "parody" in luc tuymans' scandal from a different angle. 
"Of course they will now say it’s a parody, since that is the only way to escape judgement," said Van Giel’s lawyer, Dieter Delarue. "To my knowledge, Luc Tuymans is not really best known for his humorous works. This defense is more of a parody than the work itself."
not so fast:

is tuymans' "a belgian politician" in Erik Lefkovsky's collection? (checkmark)
is "a belgian politician" an appropriation of a fellow artist? (checkmark)
is "a belgian politician" part of the commerce of global art commodities? (checkmark)
has "a belgian politician" increased in (market) value after the scandal? (checkmark)
could tuymans' lawsuit (and koons' pending lawsuit) be seen as the market's "correction" of an established trend? (checkmark)

then, luc's true "parody" is the market's nose of wax. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

poor luc

the guardian went ballistic over the recent tuymans affair.
That he reused Van Giel’s photograph of a rightwing Belgian politician, taken in 2010, is not in doubt. Tuymans’s painting is both a portrait of a politician, and a painting of Van Giel’s photograph. Yet there is an enormous difference between the photograph and the painting. Scale is different. Colour is different. Shadows and highlights are shifted, recast, added to and emphasised, abbreviated and deleted.
all the spiel about scale and color and parody misses a crucial point. this is not a painting of van giel's photo,  it's rather a painting from the photo. katrin van giel has the right to question tuymans' appropriation of her work. is she not an artist as well?

(you would do the same if you were in her position).

i feel no pity for luc.

Friday, January 23, 2015

will i be this sharp when i'm eighty? (i wish)

nytimes jane gross' piece on donald hall essays after eighty. 

much to my surprise, i didn't know of hall (my usual bad, which i'm fixing).

this excerpt from thank you thank you (2012), for the new yorker:
In a question period I launched into my familiar rant about dead metaphors, asserting that when “I am glued to the chair” equals “I am anchored to the spot,” we claim that a tugboat is Elmer’s glue. This afternoon, I was obsessed with dead metaphors of disability: the crippled economy, blind ambition, deaf to entreaties, the paralysis of industry, and…
how true.

Monday, January 19, 2015

pope francis' sad contribution to freedom of expression

aLfrEdO tRifF

en route to the philippines (addressing the charlie hebdo affair) pope francis made clear that freedom of expression has limits! 
... if Dr. [Alberto] Gasbarri here, a great friend, were to say something insulting against my mother, a punch awaits him.
so, if you feel insulted, punch back

is this supposedly blasphemous caricature enough reason to kill people? 

what needs limits is not freedom of expression but islamic fundamentalism's cult of death and violence.

Friday, January 9, 2015

how do you write a poem

as to 
“how do you write a poem” 
you don’t 
you come to go to hell 
by stormy seas in a boat 
losing all companions even 
losing the shirt upon yr. back 
& darker still it is with some 
just a matter of bad blood.

percy johnston (1930–1993).

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

je suis charlie

byzantine declaration of the president of the cuban association of artists against tania bruguera is out of borat

this is the declaration of the president of the cuban association of artists UNEAC:
The famous artist Tania Bruguera has called decided to keep her course to perform this December 30 in the Plaza of the Revolution in Havana. All this has happened at the margin of any Cuban institution and, as it is usually the case, the initiative has been widely disseminated by counterrevolutionary means, especially for the libel journal Diario de Cuba, which was against the statements of Presidents Raul Castro and Barack Obama last December 17. We've spent years in this battle against the enemies of the Revolution. We are not naive, the significance of this performance is not to be construed in any way as an artistic work. It is a political provocation, oriented in the same direction of the thesis which have spread. This action does not pursue other purpose than to stand against negotiations that give hope to many humans first eleven million Cubans. (...) Cuban writers and artists deserve to know this new maneuver and not let confused by an operation that aims to present this performance as a project of pure artistic creation. Its obvious political intent stated in the message itself an artist who does not seek anything other than an incidental role. (...) We reject any opportunistic action to try to overshadow this historic moment.

happy new year!

illustration ben sack via juxtapoz

happy new year to you all!

lately, i've posted less than usual. the reason is that i'm finishing a book of essays on aesthetics and a feuilleton (on argumentation) for my philosophy classes.

but i got the itch.

in the interim, i leave you with a cipher from robert linsley @ abstract art in the era of global conceptualism:

today all genuine art is blasphemy.

true, though not for the obvious reasons (more of this later).