Friday, June 20, 2014

what's the purpose of destroying the integrity of MOCA's collection for a half-arsed, selfish profit?


the result of the negotiations @ MoCA ends with a weird note:
Citing a confidential source, the New Times says that under the agreement, the current board of trustees would leave the institution with 150 key pieces from the well regarded collection. MOCA’s website says the permanent collection includes about 600 works. 
you think negotiation is a give-and-take. initially the board wanted to take the whole collection to the bass museum. are we supposed to disregard urban affluence, race & class as having no part in the plan? after six months of legal fight one may suppose that one fourth of the collection seems a prudent price to pay to settle the dispute.

why would a board that intended to seize MOCA's 600 pieces to give it to the BASS be so interested in leaving with a mere "150 key pieces"?

we don't know which pieces are being considered in the deal, but i bet that MOCA's existing collection will be seriously compromised without these 150 art works.

if the idea of culture has any value at all, this outcome is a phyrric victory for the city of north miami and a defeat for its people (who are morally & invested in this collection).

the board of directors' action makes them look socially disconnected & culturally indifferent. but what's new?

finally this note:
In an interview with the Miami Herald, Benson addressed one item in the New Times piece, which said that both parties would pay MOCA half of the appraised value of the departing art.
if true, what's the purpose of destroying the integrity of MOCA's collection for a half-arsed, selfish profit?

some ca$h is better than no ca$h.


olisan said...

phyrrhic ! a jewel of a word. thanks for unique astute insite.

olisan said...
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Rafael Lopez-Ramos said...

Great analysis Triff. Here is a well researched post by another Miami blogger showing the invisible section of this certainly fishy iceberg...

Alfredo Triff said...

tx, olisan.

tx, RLR. i visited the link, good article.