Friday, January 24, 2014

how do you write da rite?

aLfReDo tRifF

in art you can do veritable magic.

i'm talking about the official sanction of the ceremonial, cultish, faddish, devotion of experiencing art.  

how do you?

(...) This cheekily titled outing is devoted to a clique of artists who reengineered art over the past fifteen years or so. They created the most influential stylistic strain to emerge in art since the early seventies. Their impact can be seen in countless exhibitions.
above is the write/part,

here is the rite/part,

"a clique of artists who reengineered art"  (they did it again and better!)
"the most influential stylistic strain to emerge in art" (a required hyperbole, please, don't take it literally)
"since the early seventies" (saltz wrote this piece more than 30 years since the early 70s)
"their impact can be seen" ("seeing is believing," the market breeds credulity)
"countless exhibitions" (innumerable? a required approximation, please, don't take it literally)

now, how do you arthoodicate your write da rite?

undo it!
That process of canon-building has been destructive in other ways, too. Although this anti-movement began as an excellent palace coup staged by savvy artists, a legion of sheeplike curators has embraced it with a vengeance. For years these annoyingly insular professionals have participated in one another’s panels, schmoozed in hotel lobbies, curated each other’s artists into exhibitions, and written impenetrable texts for one another’s redundant shows. Twenty essays in the “anyspacewhatever” catalogue are by curators! Many of these people have become the weak link in the art-world chain, and they really need to go.
got it?  

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