Tuesday, December 3, 2013

“You basically have to treat Art Basel Miami Beach like Vegas”

nate freeman comments artvapity in this article for the new york times.

not to appear pecksniffian at this early stage: art and parties are siblings.

only that,
... the sheer volume of events (dinners, cocktails and blowout parties) not related to art this year is deafening. Sure, the art fairs still display paintings at gobsmacking prices during the day, but the serious art folk are getting sick of the nighttime excess.
serious artfolk?

this is when one needs the right artglasses to properly take pleasure in the spectacle. coming to art basel (an art fair known for its delirium factor) and pretend to brush off its cultural excess is decidedly amateurish. art today is in company of the market. being together, closely supporting each other's goals.

freeman elaborates a bit on the nature of "the company":
But they pale in comparison this year to the flood of parties not related to art but with tie-ins to luxury brands, alcohol sponsors, fashion labels and boutiques. One public relations firm has compiled a party calendar that runs 14 pages and includes 27 events on Tuesday alone, including a fashion show, a brunch for a pop-up store and a dinner for a new furniture line.
27 non-art events on tuesday alone! who doubts that art is a company of the market?

artmarket inc.

so, partygoers of the world, here is a curated list of some of the best art basel's soirees, shindigs and fete champetre:

1- White Cube’s poolside party at the Soho Beach House, 2- Aby Rosen’s A-list dinner at the Dutch and 3- the opening and V.I.P. dinner for the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami’s winter exhibition (this time, for Tracy Emin). 4- The Pérez Art Museum Miami opening, with a series of private brunches, V.I.P. previews and dinners. and this one for celeb hunters: 5-  a performance of Kanye West & artist Vanessa Beecroft @ Mana Wynwood, a sprawling production village in the Miami Art District.

one may ask why are parties so crucial to the miami art basel mystique? parties are catalysts for artmarket inc., that is to say art being the spiritual veneer of the duality (scaffolded by the market).  parties are to the artmarket what enzymes are to organisms: their function is to increase & speed up chemical reactions. 

but let's not stereotype artbasel-party-goers as decadent souls. they are just regular joes who feel as if they are basking in this experience of spectacle conventions we refer to as culture. & what's wrong with that? nothing, except that these conventions are the very stage of operations of artmarket inc.: a socially-induced form of massive self-blinding.

for instance, a leandra medine is quoted in the piece --as candid and oblivious as when these species  utter opinions: "I don't have a relationship with the art world in any profound capacity, so for me it's just a way for me to unwind."

sure, let's unwind. viva the market!


Malagodi said...

Life is a cabaret, old chum.

Artdrives said...

Crystal clear vision of the event.

judith ghashghaei said...

This big time party and marketing is pure alienation. All this process it is for making us to believe that every thing is fine: that happiness is here and now, in this part of the planet.Okay, okay, I believe every thing that is convenient for me... I will go right now to a nice fancy hotel to get me a free shocks of Sex on the beach. See you around. Judith G.

Feminista said...

Triff. I simply love these posts of yours.

Alfredo Triff said...

indeed, malagodi.

tx artdrives, come by again.

judith: hahaha.

feminista: you're the best.

judith ghashghaei said...
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judith ghashghaei said...

Art Basel party today had champagne but not caviar! (and the champagne was caliente as un mondongo ); .Since last year Art Basel VIP events become very cheap…The finger food was little, old, greasy, unhealthy, nasty sandwiches, beside I’m celiac. AB has not more free catalogue of the event, that is insane.. Art Basel should have free entry and pay to the public for read about their trashy objects exhibited as consecrated art. I believe that Art Basel is not going to have good sale, hummmmmmm, maybe I’m wrong: the bourgeois historically has bad taste. … I prefer Art Miami event, the instantaneous frozen risotto from Cosco was not gluten free and smell terrible, but the art there was better and the energy inside the place was great too.

judith ghashghaei said...

Free breakfast in and out Art Basel are terrible: only donnas, nasty weak cool coffee and frozen fruits, again from, Costco (shut! Costco sell a good price smoke salmons and cream chess very close to the fruits) After all parties last night we, the devoted and passive spectators, should get some really proteins; we are the one who make this even fun and meaningful. How we are going and going around if Event Art Managers don’t feed us with the food that we deserved? If someone else is a reader here and also is an Art Event Manager related to Art Basel I ask that person: pleeeease think about people like me, I’m celiac, I can eat tortillas con huevos rancheros, nachos, y arepas muchas arepas con perico . Talking about art, I do appreciate some amazing graffities in Wynwood!. On the other hand, festival like Pulse getting better and better. Nada too, it used to be terrible but now Nada get better every year. (Sorry about my language, I’m
native Spanglish speaker and this morning real good Mimosas (at home) made me write more mistakes)