Monday, December 2, 2013

missing the disease for the symptom

demian hirst in his moment of market glory (hirst is not the devil, he's just a cog in the system)

"contemporary art" is a cipher for a system which produces & legitimizes art/commodities whose function is publicized as "aesthetic."

the system presents art/commodity consumption as cultural spectacle  

what we call "culture" today is really an institution of exchange of art/commodities for mon€y.

the art/commodity//money binity is:

*normative: prescribing stylistic & cultural values.
*inconspicuous: i.e., in your face, but it never appears as such.
*redundant: i.e., "normative" and "inconspicuous" mirror each other.
*non-regulated: i.e., free market for the sake of culture.

this dynamic between contemporary art & the market we call arthoodication.