Friday, December 6, 2013

if art can walk the viewer through a desire, the purchase of the product, and the satisfaction of the desire in the use of the product, art (automatically) becomes advertising

A general view of atmosphere at Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House 
Opening Night Event on Art Basel December 3, 2013
Artworks and artists are increasingly becoming elements of advertising campaigns, not only for products and services aimed at the types of older, affluent consumers who have traditionally been patrons of the arts, but also for products and services seeking to reach consumers in their 20s and 30s who are already making art part of their lives. Among the brands and companies getting arty are American Apparel, Chanel, Condé Nast, Dom Pérignon, Gap, Hearst Magazines, Ketel One, Jaguar, Lincoln, Maserati, Red Bull, Samsung, StyleCaster, Vionnet, Louis Vuitton, David Webb and a number of hotels and lodging chains.
artmarket inc.!

new york times (in marketing, art is the thing).

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Karen Fields said...

Absolutely! Love the whole thing. Especially the fact that people can laugh about a bathroom shower.