Friday, November 9, 2012

pseudoracist logorrhea

after the defeat we get pseudo-racist fluxion of hyperbolic logorrhea: this is what an andrew c. mccarthy publishes in the national review online. the cliche conclusion is that hispanics and islamists are plotting to "vanquish" (kinda sauron aulicism?)... "the case for freedom" (cryptographic for lordship of leukorrhea):
In point of fact, Islamists, like many Hispanic political activists (think: La Raza), are statists. As I’ve detailed in The Grand Jihad and, more recently, Spring Fever, their thoroughgoing alliance with the American Left is ideologically based — it is not a product of insensitive messaging or “Islamophobia.” Islamists revile finance capitalism, favor redistributionist economic policies, and endorse nanny state regulatory suffocation as well as an ever-expanding welfare state. This is not because Leftists made inroads while conservatives idled. It is because — though this often seems unimaginable to the Journal — Islamists, like many Hispanic activists, are the vanguard of a different culture that they passionately believe is superior to the culture of individual liberty.
so, here's the trick. present your jihad-leftist-hispanic-islamist-activist hasty pudding of xenophobic half-truths & generalizations as if to unmask an enemy conspiracy  & sell it cheap to a brainwashed, eager audience.

mccarthy, are you on foo-foo dust?


aslan lamarche said...

It's rather funny to read something of this caliber. He's racial remarks and pseudo understanding of current events makes me wonder at what level of "scholarship" can be deemed academic here in the US. Though there may be things of relative truth to what he is saying, they are not a part of a mammoth conspiracy to bring down US culture(whatever that means).
Let me explain:

1. Shariah is inseparable of the Muslim. Shariah as described by right-wing fringes of western society, is painted up as some sort uniform Islamic machine to take over western values. Truth is, Shariah is much more than just political rulings. It investigates the deep spiritual connection with God, the five daily prayers, the fasting during Ramadan, the right for women to wear Hijab, and the protection of Iman( of the Islamic faith) wherever it may be, which leads to my second point.

2. It is true that there is Halal financing, or Shariah banking. It is forbidden for Muslims to take loans with interest or to give loans with interest( its one of the worst sins). The basic and most obvious reason, is that it is usury and promotes a system that takes advantage of the poor and less fortunate. But this is also a secular principle, look at the current problem in the US housing bubble and bank bailouts. Ask ANY economist if an interest-driven system can sustain itself. More chances than not, they will say it cannot.
3. So what if a Muslim describes himself/herself as an Islamist? This again, is a term in the west blown WAY out of proportion. The lack of understanding of the world's second largest religion, and fastest growing, shows how diminutive and out of touch with current affairs westerners truly are. Islamists have been elected democratically with overwhelming support in a few Muslims countries namely Egypt and Tunisia( and elsewhere).The majority of fighters in Syria( which the west likes to ignore) are also Islamists. These parties have been elected DEMOCRATICALLY, who are you to argue with what the people decide? They could say the things about President Obama and his invasion of sovereign nations. In fact, the US poses a much greater threat to world peace, than any Islamist party. My proof? Just review the last ten years of American foreign policy.

Racism and prejudices against ANY group of people is unjust and uncivilized. It's goes against modernization and relapses what makes humanity a productive species.

Anonymous said...

This guy is Fox News material.
Erwin Can

Daniella Lopez said...

I thin McCarthy is on whatever dust the Arizona school district has been puffing and spreading into the shallow graves of racism in its Mexican earth.
The divide between "White American" and Color (hispanic, ethnic, cultural, islamist... ) is based on old outdated models of what it meant to be American: To have short side-swept hair on a white man with a strong jaw line, small perfect nose on a round face of a white woman baking things, staying home while her husband learned, worked, and lived his life owning her(wife) as a decorated mantlepiece. This image was outdated even when a lot of "Americans" identified with it because even the Whitest American-est Americans are not monolithic cultural stones, but rather a sedimentary mixture of colonial passions spreading from the European hills, to the African coasts, to the Americas and Asia and any island in between.
Like the serious man in de Beauvoir's Ethics of Ambiguity, the writer and all his scared followers are threatened by the possibility that there is more out there than what they are accustomed to, and that what they are used to may be nothing more than a fragment of fiction used to control them through racist Homeric norms.

Amida Frey said...

Why are these discussions and op ed pieces by people (not you Triff) always couched in absurdly surreptitious anachronistic statements like "convincing skeptics of the long-neglected case for freedom" as though we are currently fighting a second war for independence from the tyrannical machinations of the monarchy... I mean, Liberals... Wow... The rest of the article ties your selected quote for most absurd.

"Rather, there is a choice to be made: either convince them that they are wrong, meaning make the unapologetic case for liberty and limited government; or fundamentally change who you are, meaning accommodate their statism.

The fact that this choice is easy to identify does not mean the right alternative is easy to implement. Convincing skeptics of the long-neglected case for freedom is going to take a long time — you can’t cede your leading institutions to statists for decades and expect to turn things around over night."

Edwar Ricardo said...

Racism is a disease that is dying, and will eventually be a thing of the past. What people need to do is see beyond themselves. Idiots who live in the 21st century with this mentality will someday realize why they are at the bottom of the feeding barrel, racism is the sort of hate I try to stay away from.

atRifF said...

...what they are used to may be nothing more than a fragment of fiction used to control them through racist Homeric norms.

nice, daniella.

Racism and prejudices against ANY group of people is unjust and uncivilized.

thanks, aslan.

The rest of the article ties your selected quote for most absurd.

yeap, ami. not surprisingly, they get paid for feeding platitudes a willing readership.

aslan lamarche said...
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Feminista said...

Triff: I've liked your last two posts. McCarthy is disconnected from reality. Better, he has the delusional reality of a white male republican tea-party sympathizer xenophobe who makes Hispanics, Muslims, blacks and gays feel like the help.