Thursday, September 13, 2012

"we need to keep a balance." -- tony goldman r.i.p.


We want to create a community development corporation that is designed to create a balanced vision between experimental, low-cost commercial facilities as well as housing and studio space. Tony Goldman

here's my interview with tony goldman for the miami new times back in 2005.

tony cared for sustained, incremental development & had the right view for wynwood. here is an excerpt (still to be fulfilled).
How's the future?

TG: We need to keep a balance. The development is good insofar as it promotes and enriches the interaction of the protagonists in situ. Development needs to go in the direction of "gentlefication." We don't want the national chains coming and taking over. There must be a judicious diversity. I'm in favor of heterogeneity as opposed to homogeneity. We need more Bakehouses [the Bakehouse Art Complex], more artists' housing as live-work studio space that ensures the artistic community prospers -- this together with the blue-collar community and the service community that will work to support it. The area should maintain an edge. It doesn't have to be perfect. I think it has to be unpredictable, with an air of danger, so you don't become complacent.
can tony's dream still happen for wynwood?


swampthing said...

The term "gentlefication" is punctiliously swampy, who would deny the ostentation of wynwood . . .

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