Monday, July 30, 2012

miamian tatiana suarez in juxtapoz

Tatiana Suarez is a Brooklyn-based Miami native. Her charming style is distinctive; first, the trademark eyes that draw the viewer into a beautiful and surreal world. Suarez takes full advantage of the oil paint's ability to create creamy, soft images on canvas. Rich with symbols that stem from her Brazilian and El Salvadorian heritage, subjects appear as if they are under water, frozen in lovely stillness. The doe-eyed figures look childlike, but also exude sexual overtones, ornamented with plants, insects and other unsettling accompaniments. Beauty is presented concurrently with exotic -even creepy - creatures to create enchanted narratives.


swampthing said...

From antonio vargas and antonio lopez to mark ryden and santiago rubino, suarez captivates eyeballs. why? just because.

Anonymous said...

it's a tradition!