Tuesday, July 17, 2012

arthoodication & artliboring make such a bond

Jan Vermeer, Das Glas Wein, 1661

an interesting development in berlin offers a rare glimpse into the generally off-limit internecine power struggles of the art world. the Gemäldegalerie plans to empty its old masters wing and fill it with 20th-century art, which has left cultural chiefs facing accusations of irresponsible neglect.

is this another ancient vs. moderns? more like collection A  vs. collection B (A = modern, B = old), power struggles remain a pervasive, if dependably discreet symptom.
Opponents accuse cultural chiefs of bowing to pressure from Heiner Pietzsch and his wife, Ulla, whose collection, valued at €150m (£120m) is described as an outstanding selection of classic modernism. It includes paintings by Mark Rothko, René Magritte, Joan Miró, Jackson Pollock, Max Ernst and Salvador Dalí. The Pietzsches say they simply want to ensure their paintings do not end up in storage.
all art historians care about is disinfected history:
These plans … rob one of the world's finest and, despite its wartime losses, most comprehensive collections of Old Master paintings of its unique capacity … to present more than 500 years of European painting history in encyclopaedic scope in works of the very highest quality," the letter says.
how are historians so disconnected from the arthoodication process? --as if artliboring has no precedence before the 20th century? arthoodication is a false cobra. here it plays as a kind of historic remediation. hermann parzinger, president of the prussian cultural heritage, puts it this way:
The wonderful Pietzsch collection fits perfectly into this concept and will help reinstate Berlin as a superior art capital as it was before 1933 and the rise of the Nazis – who labelled much of its art degenerate – when it was itself a role model for museums like MoMa. (...) In short, we're rectifying the wrongs of history and re-establishing our cultural landscape, which is our calling card to the world.
nice pitch parzinger. true, hitler hated modern art, but that's not the old masters' fault.
why does modern masters arthoodicate over old masters? it libors better.

arthoodication and artliboring make such a bond!

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