Tuesday, June 12, 2012

postmodern nonsurfing & nonacting

at artlog. magazine blurbs for the artsy are rich nuggets of blather:
First Point presents a postmodern take on the surf film genre through an abstract framework of imagery in which the actress engages in cinema performance tropes inspired by contemporary film noir.
you mean this lame 1:37 min. video* by richard phillips, featuring lindsay lohan (nonsurfing & nonacting) opening at art basel?

* blurb legend:
"abstract framework of imagery" = stay motionless,
"postmodern" =  as we speak,
"engages" = let the camera roll as if,
"performance trope" =  lohan face closeup shot, cut, lohan narcissistically  reaches to a blown-up projection of her face at the end, cut, etc,
"film noir" = hollow trope for "cool,"


The Mike said...

I'll see it when I believe it.

Anonymous said...


Alfredo said...

If there is anything acquatic about Lohan it's her drinking like a fish.

Arlene Ellis said...

The fanfare for such a shallow video is laughable...and sad.

Alfredo Triff said...

Hahaha, you're too much guys.

Anonymous said...

It seems like an attempt to commodify Lohan's 'comeback' as a 'serious actress' by ironically closing in on her empty gaze. Acqua di Gio commercial selling Lohan's sex appeal doesn't make her or the film maker any more serious or artsy. Not only should the camera love her, to sway our sympathy, but she will insist for us to love her by fetishizing herself. She easily fits into a box, and ties the bow herself.
-Daniella Lopez

Loretta Gietzen said...

The fanfare for such a shallow video is laughable...and sad.