Sunday, June 10, 2012

bigger is better!

Obesity affects the whole nation, cutting across every group and income level. Some racial or ethnic groups, however, are disproportionately obese and need greater attention. It is especially important, some experts say, to start early and reduce obesity among children and adolescents. (...) The causes of obesity are everywhere. Societal factors play a big role: the lack of safe places to play, walk or bike; sedentary jobs; less time devoted to cooking and more eating out; bigger portion sizes in packaged and prepared food; and incessant marketing of junk foods that are high in calories. Sugar-sweetened drinks accounted for at least 20 percent of the increases in weight in the United States between 1977 and 2007, according to one study cited by the institute. 
blah, blah. they just don't get it. obesity is directly proportional with our consumption habits and defense spending.

we are a superpower, 
being a superpower is bigger than just being a power,
being a superpower is better than just being a power,
bigger is better!


swampthing said...

Huxley, 1958:
"In the second half of the twentieth century, we do nothing systematic about our breeding; but in our random and unregulated way, we are not only overpopulating the planet, we are also, it would seem, making sure that these greater numbers shall be of biologically poorer quality. In the bad old days children with considerable, or even slight, hereditary defects rarely survived. Today, thanks to sanitation, modern pharmacology and the social conscience, most of the children born with hereditary defects reach maturity and multiply their kind. Under the conditions now prevailing, every advance in medicine will tend to be offset by a corresponding advance in the survival rates of individuals cursed by some genetic insufficiency. In spite of new wonder drugs and better treatment (indeed, in a certain sense, precisely because of these things), the physical health of the general population will show no improvement, and may even deteriorate. And along with a decline in average healthiness there may well go a decline in average intelligence. Indeed, some competent authorities are convinced that such a decline has already taken place and is continuing. 'Under conditions that are both soft and unregulated,' writes Dr W.H. Sheldon, 'our best stock tends to be out-bred by stock that is inferior to it in every respect ... It is the fashion in some academic circles to assure students that the alarm over differential birth-rates is unfounded; that these problems are merely economic, or merely educational, or merely religious, or merely cultural or something of the sort. This is Pollyanna optimism. Reproductive delinquency is biological and basic.' And he adds that 'nobody knows just how far the average IQ in this country (the USA) has declined since 1916, when Terman attempted to standardize the meaning of IQ 100."

Alfredo Triff said...

swampthing: what an interesting quote of -that devil- huxley.

Anonymous said...

Obesidad a la Leibniz, Dale!

-Daniella Lopez

Alfredo said...

Huxley, along with Shaw, were constantly fretting about how little control they had in commanding people how, when and where to breed. They could not deal with strife and stride of life. Too much freedom. Too much chaos. They profess their love of Darwinism, but could not understand the bloodshed and infinite patience of biological speciation 'unordered'. Of course the meek shall breed, the 'bungled and the botched' shall dominate in numbers. They worried about how to eliminate democracy one peon at a time. The exceptional cannot be an organized government mandate. Find your way out of the jungle if you can. By the way, in their twisted view of Darwin's theory of natural selection, shouldn't humans get stronger with each passing cataclismic world war? Shouldn't the soldiers that die be the weakest and the strongest breed ad nauseum ? How is it the bravest and strongest get snuffed out first ?
Because the way I see it, the species survival is purely trivial. A gene here and there and you can digest lactose, boom ! you now can survive a brutal winter with cheese. or a mutation lets you deal with an pathogen in your particular geography. boom again....but I guess those area marginal developments since they don't have a Corporate logo etched into the genes visible only with a tunneling electron microscope. along with a quote from Shaw or Huxley

Alfredo Triff said...

the way I see it, the species survival is purely trivial. A gene here and there and you can digest lactose, boom! you now can survive a brutal winter with cheese...

well put, alfredo, thanks. keep vsiting

Alfredo Triff said...

haha, Daniella. you're pure gold.