Wednesday, June 6, 2012

on artists leaving miami. surprise!


artists leaving miami? in the Miami New Times:
Borkson says fellow local A-list artists Jen Stark, Alvaro Ilizarbe, Pres Rodriguez, and Raul Sanchez will also relocate to Los Angeles this summer. L.A. promises better access to collectors and more room to grow than Miami, he says.
reasons, straight-up:
"We love Miami, but collectors here just don't support our work," Borkson says. "The truth is that most collectors who purchase our work are located elsewhere."
or nuanced,
 "I think Miami does have some good support structure for some artists and [I] still love it here, but Los Angeles has a lot of opportunities to offer, and that's why we decided to move there.
let's put it bluntly: 

miami = sun + beach + sex + unemployment + un-sympathetic collector$ + wynwood

LA = sun + beach + mountains + sex + unemployment + sympathetic collector$ + hollywood

is this not a kind of miami with more traffic lanes?

now you know miami: if your collector$ don't support young local talent, it tends to migrate, thus depleting the city's artfuture. unless collector$ don't really care about miami's artfuture (where "care" is defined as collecting young local talent's work they don't support for whatever reasons).* 

not so fast.

this whole focus on physical miami as center, region, is passé, pre-post-modern. don't we live in virtual pangea? hasn't physical distance been virtually bridged? haven't geographies turned immanent?

if so, miami can be seen as a kind of smaller LA and viceversa. in other words, wynwood is a smaller, noisier, hollywwod and visceversa. sex is, well, sex the same. as per miami's mountains, they'll be coming soon with the next bubble. what's left? collector$ that support local talent. this is a minor problem. but since glocal is the new local, the move to the physical LA becomes as pointless as (for that matter) staying in miami.

can you really tell the difference between points "A" and "B" in the map above?

dear artist, you got it wrong. your $upport is geographically immanent.   

but we don't want to appear as dissuading your expectations. we're all so close together.

bon voyage. we sincerely wish you all the success in the world!

* nothing is left to chance. in general collector$ collect what is approved by the market.


Anonymous said...

Oh Triff, you old bastard.

Anonymous said...

If you leave Miami it is your problem, not Miami's.

Malagodi said...

Some years ago on the sidewalk outside of a Miami Beach liquor store I overheard the following conversation.

Two Krisna Conciousness devotees were unloading vegetables from a van.

"I'm moving to California" said the one.
"Why?" asked the other.
"Nicer ashram" said the first.
or as John Cage said, "No matter where you go, you're at the mercy of the denizens of the place."
Miami is not a little L.A.

Miami is built on limestone 6 inches above the flowing aquifer. Its ground is porus. There is nothing solid underneath.

L.A. is built on the edge of a tectonic plate. Ancient bedrock shoved upward into mountains. It is solid, but it occasionally moves.

The idea that our existence, or at least our work is uneffected by locale, that because it can be 'energized' and reconstructed everywhere a la Star Trek, is to mistake the artifact for the art.

Location matters because the act of creation cannot be separated from the environment in which it occurs. That neither collectors nor lumpen public support artists in Miami is not a mystery, nor moral failure. It is the nature of the place.