Thursday, May 31, 2012

occupy the banks, spanish style

via iván de la nuez  

as a spanish cantor breaks into BANKIA's mid-day idleness singing a subversive buleria, a group of female dancers dressed in black take over the bank's lobby improvising a flamenco choreography. after the initial shock the customers and some bank employees get into the groove. meanwhile a wary manager calls the police.

the song goes:

bankia you raised my salary,
then you cut it,
i don't love you bankia, 
i don't love you anymore

what did you think, that the spanish banks would miss their bailout carnival? here is the spanish equivalent of our wall street vultures!


Amida Frey said...

I'm all for subversive tactics! Particularly when they involve music, dance and the arts. Go Spain! I am also a fan of honest and legitimate change stemming from the total exasperation of the people of a nation. Case in point; Iceland has forgiven the mortgage debt of most of its population. They just wiped it out. Take that banks...

Anonymous said...

Yeah. We should but we don't.

Anonymous said...

Funny, moving, social, perfect.