Thursday, January 5, 2012

sweeping generalizations ... contain nuggets of truth


I'm befuddled by this sentence
Mexican food? The ultimate in straight cuisine. Sushi? Its opposite.
Simon Doonan has a way of gendering food. Here are some examples:

1- "A Caesar salad’s pretty heterosexual. They whip a lot of egg into it"
2-  "Gay chips are baked"
3-  "Because the Black Angus meatloaf, that’s a whole lot of hetero to digest"
This one is specially sassy: 
4- "Whole-grain bread is both ferociously lesbian and wildly heterosexual"

Surprisingly, Doonan proposes that most gays eat straight food. So, if food consists of "gay" and "straight" versions, good eating boils down to a sort of bisexual middle point.


Amida said...

I always seem to find myself arbitrarily (albeit subconsciously) classifying things into categories. Perhaps the most used among my repertoire is the Gay/Straight classification. I find it funny though as I do it with no malice or ill intent, or even judgment really. It's more like society has given me some kind of inclination or compunction to need to associate things with groups of individuals. It's the way of the world I suppose. We are inherently social (and social class) creatures.

Alfredo Triff said...

Thanks, Ami. We have to do lunch. I'll remind you.