Friday, January 13, 2012

enlightened lascivious impressions

Often eroticism is just a manifestation of illness, exhibited as a more or less marked symptom in a syndrome of manic exaltation.-- Dr. Joseph Guislain ( 1852)
... the truly morbid nocturnal pollution is always the effect of immoderate debaucheries of the body and the mind when, not content to indulge without excess in venereal pleasures, one continually feasts the imagination with lascivious, voluptuous images, filthy conversations, libertine and indecent readings; then, dreams, which are often just a representation of the objects that most occupied the mind during the day, replay the same matters; the generative organs (which frequent exercise and an overheated imagination hold in a continual tension) are much more susceptible to lascivious impressions; they obey the slightest misdirection, and the movements destined to the ejaculation of semen, having become almost habitual, are executed without effort. - Encyclopédie ou Dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers. [ 1751- 1772] 1778- 1781. Edited by Dénis Diderot and Jean D'Alembert. Lausanne: Société Typographique.


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