Friday, December 2, 2011

Art Basel: What are you wearing?

Miami Art Basel, Audi S4 Pavilion 


As part of its Art Basel coverage, The Miami Herald displays 26 photographs of models, artists, designers, etc., which takes journalism to new heights of branding hokum. Half the pictures show details of shoes (including the designer's name and some vapid remark).

For example, we know that so and so...

"wears snakeskin Balenciaga sandals that she bought this summer in Istanbul"
"wears Nike sneakers he designed with his son Jordan, using his Chicken Kitchen colors"
"wears sneakers she picked up on Broadway in New York, for $15"
"wears Valentino shoes printed in pheasant feathers" (visibly so)
"stands under Erwin Wurm's "French Police Cap" (visibly so)
"wears Frederick's of Hollywood shoes, that she ordered from the catalog"
"wears gold Y3 sneakers on which he removed the laces" (visibly so)

In a  photo a Sue Hosteler dons a Lichtenstein dress while posing in front of a (who else?) Lichtenstein sculpture. A "cow girl" poses in front of a Keith Haring acrylic.

We are so indebted to the Miami Herald for this in-depth piece!


The Mike said...

The spectacle will see itself and want to eat.

Anonymous said...

What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, its fascinating how superficial people truly are! Fascinatingly SAD!!! Its like the plague to me. This "who's wearing what crap."Going to an art event for the sake of boosting their ego because Jane doe is looking at what they're wearing. MISSING the point people, again. I feel like this is generally the case. So sad really. THese people are nothing but a bunch of useless f**ks who create followers just as phony as them. I personally dont understand this mentality. Thanks Miami Herald for such important piece of information. I guess next time, perhaps focus on the actual purpose of the event.