Thursday, October 6, 2011

regardless of the reasons of some of the people, the cause makes sense as people's cause


Bibiana Ramos said...

people are frustrated on how this economic situation has being handled by the government and by decisions made by state politicians. Didn't the government bail out wall street? didn't big shot executives spend this money on spa retreats and commissions? Just recently an audit of several conferences organized by the Justice Department showed lavish amounts of taxpayer money spent on items such as $16 muffins (yes, that’s apiece), $10 cookies and $8 coffee. Altogether, WE, the taxpayers, ended up paying 121 million dollars on conferences between 2007 and 2009. Is that rational for a country with a sinking economy and a growing poverty index?? No its no, but it continues happening.. not going too far..MIAMI..The Miami Ball Park..really?? 360 million dollars from Miami-Dade County and the City of Miami..when this city has no transportation infrastructure whatsoever. Did somebody think of a Metro?? Expanding bus routes?? building new roads?? neighborhoods improvement?? investing on social assistance for children and seniors and homeless?? so the community can be provided with better that is too boring..lets spend a ton of money building a stadium.
I think the whole world is going trough a generalized frustration not against democracy, but against their leaders and their agendas. People are getting tired of not being hears and seeing their basic rights being ignored. Is that what we expect from our leaders?? no..but for instance in Miami we recognize the "leaders" when they visit our seniors we will have to wait for the next visit in order to remember those are just politics and we simply do not care.

Alfredo Triff said...

Nice point, Bibiana.

Anonymous said...

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Lava Arms said...

Bibiana, thank you. I too feel your frustration when the metro rail doesnt even connect all of MDC campuses (which would a HUGE impact on our transportation system, as there will be a solid transportation system for most students in miami, not to mention end all parking issues) and yes that giant silver stadium sticks out like a sore, failed thumb. It is a trophy that says "we are in the interest of our own private interests. The people? meh, they can fend for themselves."

It is time that we fend for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Triff we're meeting soon. How do I get in touch w u?


Fafner said...

I've been waiting for this since I'm 14. The first time I listened to a Spanish rapper criticizing the system, and not only the people in charge, but the ordinary people also. We the common worker is the one who allow this to happen, it is not their fault, it is ours. Because if we were rich and blinded by the money we would do the same. It is our perspective of life who make us different, but also the information we get. Since they control most of the information it is really difficult to take the blinders out of people. I learned by listening to underground rap music, by seeing it on the streets, and lately by studying a lot and reading many different things. Because everything is related. In the same way you learn from errors, you can learn from ideologies you think are mistaken. So I call everybody who always wondered what is going on in the world, to read, stop receiving information from the controlled media and if you already know what's going on, to support the people who is representing us, the 99% together we can make a change (maybe a huge one)

Kevin Caro (