Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the spectator behind the window has become the world's measure by making the world a matter of vision

The collages above by artist Abigail Reynolds @ Seventeen Gallery ( London, 2011).

Reynolds' collages express a complex materiality of time/space, which illustrates our post-capitalist uncertainty. What is it? A moment when the "old modern" hazards undermine and/or cancel the established safety systems of the provident state's existing risk calculation. Recurrence of early industrial risks (as in China's high-speed train crash). Nuclear disasters (as in Japan's Fukushima's nuclear plant meltdown). A global ecological crisis everywhere. This new predicament can be limited neither in terms of time nor place, is not accountable according to established rules of causality, blame and liability, and it cannot be compensated or insured against. In other words, Chernobyl is the new normal.