Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Metaphysics' faith (a bedside story)


Our story begins with Metaphysics and its cerebrations of Eidos, suspended between Heaven and Earth, delving into the mysteries of "what is".

Only one limit is imposed to Eidos: contradiction (either something is, or is not). Other than that, every other idea is worthy of thought. And reality? Faithful to Eidos, Metaphysics dictates that reality is dull, thus secondary. However, since mortals dwell in the worldly realities of the world, the matter will be addressed. Without any pomp, a lesser discipline is immediately dispatched: epIStemology.

In time, the self-imposed limits on the world set by Metaphysics provokes dissent. A new discipline secedes from epIStemology: physics. Timidly, epIStemology lobbies in physics' favor, only to be checked by Metaphysics' code of honor: LoGic.

Physics proposes a novel method of investigating entities: Observation. Why not going out and exploring the worldly realities of the world instead of proving entities from already-assumed entities? From its watchtower, Metaphysics protests. Why does one need observation when one can have FaITh and gain Heaven? FaITh becomes epIStemology's unlikely ally, crippling the latter's access to reality (and rendering Metaphysics a phobic neurotic). Physics now has splintered into several disciplines known as science.

Johannes Vermeer, The Allegory of Faith (1670-1674).

Metaphysics closes ranks with FaITh: The goal is to prove and legitimate Theism. Preventing a future confrontation with physics, Metaphysics employs the best minds of the Middle Ages to build proofs to assert its hegemonic status as the highest arbiter of "what is." Feeling threatened, it appeals to threats: physicists and dissenters are persecuted by its secret police posing as judges of the FaITh. Bruno is burned, Galileo is humiliated and broken beyond repair.

In spite of the persecution, physics (and the other sciences) make substantial progress, which reveal the universe in surprising new ways. These discoveries inspire a new epoch. Metaphysics falls into oblivion. Note: This fall doesn't stop its practitioners from elaborating even more sophisticated systems.

Only reluctantly, Metaphysics begins to accept some of the sciences' conclusions (deep inside, Metaphysics cannot have any of it, for instance the unbecoming idea of natural laws).

Metaphysics mounts a concerted attack. Physics is not a deepening into the structure of the universe, but a stereotyping of entities. It happens on two fronts: one, ontological, the other, phenomenal. In the first, physics merely "presents" entities as quantifiability (a technology-attention-disorder, which causes a great deal of distress to Mother Earth). In the second case, physics merely renders entities into points of view, distorting their otherly dimension. An aTHEist mathemological FaITh reappears in Metaphysics. As in times past, epIStemology and physics are declared irrelevant.

Who wins? Only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Great!, genial y muy divertido, cómo sigue, We want more!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is very funny, but I still love metaphysics.


Feminista said...

Love it!

June 29, 2011 5:31 PM said...

Of course, I allways love metaphysics, that way she fight back O...!