Thursday, May 26, 2011

awareness is knowledge is liking is preference is purchase


most organisms have two eyes

a form of inquiry to which people can turn in their efforts to answer questions which invariably spring up in their lives 

the greater the exposure, the greater the influence. the nature of the influence will in some measure be determined by content. still, exposure alone influences viewers, regardless of content
whatever drama or uncertainty is introduced must be resolved and satisfied by the end of the program
 society's values are reflected, and distorted, in the creation of non-existent values
 passivity, receptiveness, being fed, taking in and absorbing what is offered
the same physical stimulus will make you see it in a different way
truth is a form of repetition


R.L.R. said...

Truth is also a sophisticated form of fiction...

A.T. said...

Interesting point. :)

Feminista said...

What I get is different positions of the same subliminal message.

JDMR said...

Truth becomes repetition after interpretation. But after interpreted, or rather, perceived... can it bear the name of truth? I ponder about truth being contaminated by our perception.

Dissey said...

dig this post because its more than words. i think truth by repetition gets tired or we get tired of the truth. when that happens were ready to believe somethin else.

miamibourbaki said...

Indeed, Femi.
JMDR, yes, truth can end up a bit contaminated the same way awareness can be traced back to pre-neural forms.
Dissey: the whole should be more than the parts.