Wednesday, March 9, 2011

democracy is a word-->a word is not a fact-->democracy is not a fact

(a quick note written in anger)

It's hard to hard to watch the theater of politics, particularly for some of us who support the freedom of the Arab youth throughout the Middle East. The spectacle of the Libyan tyrant parsimoniously hosting foreign journalists in Tripoli while his air-force bombards opposition and civilian targets in Ras Lanuf and Zawiyah is more than I can stomach. Worse yet, some foreign journalists report that "in Tripoli things are quiet" (as Gaddafi's mercenaries terrorize the capital).

fact: young people are dying in Libya

When it comes to the Middle East, America's discourse is laughably absurd. Until the Tunisian revolution, the justification for keeping ties with the likes of Ben Ali, Qaddafi, Mubarak, et. al. was that of "strategic interests," which boils down to oil supplies & terror (an important part of the discourse was that Arabs cannot be democratic because they are Muslims).* It turns out that terror is an "export" of our allies in the Middle East, the same allies that insure our oil supply. Is it a coincidence that these regimes count amongst the most oppressive of the world? 

Do we really want democracy for the Middle East? 

What the Arab revolutionary wave has taught us is that our government's discourse of "human rights" and "democracy" for the Middle East is an empty cipher. What our government really cares for are the interests of the rich and the powerful.
*The argument goes:
Muslims are terrorists,
Arabs are Muslims,
Thus, Arabs are terrorists.