Friday, December 10, 2010

Wiki-leaks and the empty archives

From Yoani Sánchez, the laureate Cuban blogger, about Wiki-leaks:
What has happened in the last days (with Wiki-leaks) will significantly change the way governments manage and process information (and also the ways us citizens deal with it). Make no mistake, authoritarians from all over the world are taking notice. They are thinking how to better obliterate their orders to silence, suppress or kill. On the other hand, they've always being ahead of the game. If not, where is the "declassified" Cuban file with the name of the individual who gave the order to shoot three men who hijacked a Cuban ship in 2003 to emigrate to the United States? Where is the memo authorizing the psychological torture directed against poet Heberto Padilla, which still weighs on the conscience of many? Which drawer, shelf or file of the Cuban Interior Ministry has the signature of the person who ordered the sinking of the "13th of March" Tugboat where 70 people (including women and children) died, capsized by a Cuban Coast Guard?