Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hacktivists of cyberspace: Unite!

Europeans criticize fierce American reaction to the leaks.

The hackivists threatens more attacks!

Operation "Payback" against MasterCard and Visa.

 Who is Anon? Seemingly:
There is no real command structure in the group, the London-based spokesman said, while most of its members are teenagers who are "trying to make an impact on what happens with the limited knowledge they have". But others are parents, IT professionals and people who happen to have time – and resources – on their hands.
From the Internet, a fragment of Anon manifesto:
Anonymous must work as one. Anonymous is everyone and none. You are. I am. Everyone is. Anonymous is humanity when the gloves come off. Anonymous is legion and its deeds are legend. Anonymous is infinity divided by 0 = Syntax error. Anonymous is not a person, nor is it a group, movement or cause: Anonymous is a collective of people with too much time on their hands, a commune of human thought and useless imagery. A gathering of sheep and fools, assholes and trolls, and normal everyday netizens. An anonymous collective, left to its own devices, quickly builds its own society out of rage hate.