Wednesday, November 3, 2010

attitudes on the move (armonia cronometrica)

anti vitali
di putride sonnolenze.
svolazzare a spirali -terra terra-
come farfalloni che si disfanno.
sacrifici d'insetti.
armonia cronometrica
della decomposizione.
bollore d'accoppiamenti profondi
come un ronzar febbrile di falene.
le lune piene -le lune galleggianti
sull' erbe scapigliate-
come pallon volanti
su su pel cielo sono montate-
vuote -senza splendore-

vital cloaks
of putrid somnolence.
flying around in spirals -near the ground-
like butterflies demolishing themselves.
insect sacrifices.
chronometric harmony
of decomposition.
excitement of intense couplings
like a feverish whirring of moths.
full moons -moons floating
above the rumpled grass-
like flying balloons
they have climbed up in the sky-
without splendor.-- Bino San Miniatelli (circa 1929).
Bino San Miniatelli ( 1896-1984 ) was a prolific poet, novelist, and short story writer who founded the review Noi. Of mixed Dada and Futurist tendencies, the journal -published in Rome- featured numerous contributions by the Zurich group. This is an excerpt from his poem "Concime" ("Manure").