Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Pangu Transforms His Body," Yuanqi lun

Pangu died and transformed his body.
His breath became the wind and the clouds.
His voice became the thunder.
His left eye was the sun.
His right eye was the moon.
His four limbs changed to be the four compass points.
His five limbs became the five sacred mountains.
His blood and body fluids turned into streams and rivers.
His muscles and sinews became solid earth.
His flesh became arable land.
His hair turned into stars.
His body hair turned into grass and trees.
His teeth and bones were transformed into gold and minerals.
His marrow changed into pearls and jade.
His sweat was the rain and the moisture of the land.
The germs in his body were carried off by the wind.
They became the mass of the people.