Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Open Mind

The heavy old man in his bed at night
Hears the Coyote singing in the back meadow.
All the years he ranched and mined and logged.
A Catholic.
A native Californian.

And the Coyotes howl in his
Eightieth year.
He will call the Government
Who uses iron leg-traps on Coyotes,
My sons will lose this
Music they have just started
To love.

The ex acid-heads from the cities
Converted to Guru or Swami,
Do penance with shiny
Dopey eyes, and quit eating meat.
In the forests of North America,
The land of Coyote-and Eagle,
They dream of India, of forever blissful sexless highs.
And sleep in oil-heated
Geodesic domes, that
Were stuck like warts
In the woods.

The Call of the Wild.-- Gary Snyder (1973).