Thursday, January 7, 2010

Did you know you could be accused of "warring against God"?

Alfredo Triff

In the NYTimes:

At least five protesters arrested in Iran last week during antigovernment demonstrations will be tried on charges of warring against God, which carries the death sentence if they are found guilty, Iran’s judiciary said Thursday.

"Warring against God" is the best shibboleth known to man to buttress abuse and oppression. No wonder it was tried by Christian Grand Inquisitors, such as Savonarola and Diego Deza in Fifteenth-Century Europe. Are we back to autos-da-fe? These days nothing resembles more good all Inquisition than Iranian Theocracy!

The Pyrrhic paeanism of the right-wing mullahs is comparable to Torquemada's fate (Spanish people loved him so much that he had to travel at all times with 50 mounted guards and 250 armed men!). Of course, priests -being so close to Allah- have the advantage of direct-line communication.

Why is it always that God sides with the status quo? Why cannot God take side with the disenfranchised and exploited?

I counter: If there is a God, HE must be nauseated with the Supreme Leader's abuse of power -and the antics of his minion.


Anonymous said...

Alfredo, 1 question: Do you believe in God?

L Tori said...

It's so sad. We keep repeating the same mistakes.

Carlitos said...

Religion is the opium of the people!

R.L.R. said...

The extremist always get to a point that ends up going against or annihilating their own credo.

This regime becomes automatically infidel when creates a law aimed at defending God from infidels!

April D said...

One of my personal faves

"It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg." -Thomas Jefferson ;)

miamibourbaki said...

Thanks, April and RLR. Keep visiting.

Michael said...

Religious leaders are always trying to find a way to indoctrinate fictitious ideologies into the minds of the weak. It is unfortunate that theocratic governments allow themselves to be governed by ancient scriptures; scriptures that hold minimal validity, if even grated that. Many religions often discriminate against woman, homosexuals, and even people of color. If it wasn't for religious imposition through secular mediums, abortion would be completely legal, marriage would be universal among all couples, and there wouldn't be this front against stem cell research, which is one of the most promising fields of science known to us today. Religion cannot deviate from dictated doctrines, making it intolerant, dogmatic, and tremendously flawed.

But I digress.. Legally speaking, this totalitarian government has the power to punish these "heathens," for they have broken the "law." This calls free thinking individuals, like myself, to question the morality behind their world views. Frankly, I would fear standing in a room with these individuals that are so devoted to their oppressive, ancient texts. The day this world is cured and cleared of religion, is the day that this world will be at peace.

(Disclaimer: I am speaking of zealously devoted individuals. In essence, unless you want to kill a homosexual simply because the bible says so, I am not specifically talking to/about you. I am pointing out individuals that are willing blow up buildings, indoctrinate children because they are susceptible to indoctrination, and do whatever they have to do to get ahead in their religion. This includes all religions.)

miamibourbaki said...

Frankly, I would fear standing in a room with these individuals that are so devoted to their oppressive, ancient texts.

Good point. Thanks, Michael.

Gabriel Sebastian said...

I didnt know God was so sensitive and thin skinned.

The fact is I believe everyone is an atheist, because they all deny every God but their own, I just do the same, but I just happen to believe in one less God than they do.

Anonymous said...

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