Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pat Robertson's stingy piousness

Napoleon the Third? He was four years old when the Haitians defeated the French in 1804! But let's excuse Robertson for erring on two napoleons. What is this philippic performance of the well-known American evangelist about? Ignorance, foolishness, utter disconnect with the world? Worse: a rancid self-pride fed by years of worshipers' sycophancy. A veritable display of stingy piousness.


Anonymous said...

Is he senile?

Anonymous said...

It's a shame.

Mari Saldivas

Christian Bureu said...

The man knows how to speak and seems charismatic. However, his talent is being put to misuse. The uneducated could easily be swayed by what he says since he looks and sounds so self assured and convincing. I think the best defense against insults to humanity such as this one (blaming the Haitians for their catastrophes because they signed a pact with the devil) is a comprehensive education. With a good education, one learns how the natural world works, and how for the most part, it functions independently from any spiritual realm. A good education helps people develop rational/logical thinking as well as an empirical approach to understanding the world. It helps people avoid falling into the trap of blindly subscribing to an authority's claims.It presents people with different ways of approaching the world and that one should approach things with a healthy degree of skepticism. How does Pat Robertson know that
a) there is such thing as a devil b) the haitians signed such a pact with the devil in such and such year
c)that earthquakes are caused by supernatural events instead of shifts in the Earth's crust

Something I don't understand are this pastor's motives. Does he want attention? Does he really believe what he is saying?

miamibourbaki said...

How does Pat Robertson know that
a) there is such thing as a devil b) the Haitians signed such a pact with the devil in such and such year
c)that earthquakes are caused by supernatural events instead of shifts in the Earth's crust.


April D said...

Amazing this guy has airtime... his ability to try and spread fear through pure stupidity is astounding!!! He is as charismatic as a mule and should be shut down immediately before infecting more sheep who NEED something negative to believe to make their life seem comparably better. If there was a devil, I'm sure self riotousness would be up there in the top 3 develish traits ! LOL

Oh and I was the anonymous JANUARY 11, 2010 2:41 PM .... Tues 540pm phi 2010 class.

Gabriel Sebastian said...

Spolier Alert***** This comment contains sarcasm.

So our great and wise Pat Robertson states that the Haiti an slaves made a pact with the devil in order for the island to come free from The French who were using the Haitans as slaves. Hm, and so the Haitans are the ones that end up getting punished. SO I guess Pat Robertson is saying God not only condones slavery, but also seeks to destroy those who try to remove it, and he has one heck of a grudge.
Aha, so thats why Abraham Lincoln got shot, he went against the will of God.

Thank you Pat Robertson, you are so insightful.

Thea Matias said...

I believe that this self-righteous man is driven by hate and racism. The saying that "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" certainly lies true for Pat. Even trying to educate someone so absorbed in his ignorant delusions would be a waste of time and resources. Besides, I don't think education has anything to do with it, no matter where you come from. It lies in the person to think INDEPENDENTLY from what is FACT and from what they BELIEVE. Pat believes in bedtime stories.

phi 2010-T 5:40

Thea Matias said...

I am SO embarrassed!!! He makes me gawk and at the same time he scares me. There are a lot of radical people who follow this man and consider him to be a messiah of some sort. I have an idea; who's up for sending Pat to Russia?

phi 2010-T 5:40

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