Friday, December 4, 2009

Art Basel (mostly gossip) UPDATE

(Above: Kehinde Wiley’s Equestrian Portrait of King Philip II, 2009, at Deitch Projects)

Karen Rosenberg's photo documentation ("Miami Beach is where neon goes to die")

In the New York Times (big pieces, smaller prices?)

Art Basel in Art in America (Swiss/subtropical)

Art Forum: Is this the new "mature" Miami? 

In the NYTimes (Stallone also sells paintings for $50K)

Wall Street Journal (los latinoamericanos are selling much!)

Flavorwire (enjoy the party!)

Financial Times (All eyes on Miami)

Zurich's art confiscated in Miami by US Marshalls?

Which Gonzalez drove away with $1 million in paintings?

There is Basel for you (in case you're broke)

Huffington Post: Art Basel vs. Gossip Girl

Money makes money @ the Rubells

Basel and the Miami art scene (only two local galleries at Art Basel)


Anonymous said...

lo que quiero es pintar y pintar,lo demas no importa...

Pedro Vizcaino

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