Friday, October 9, 2009


1. Genius is a talent for producing for which no definite rule can be given: not an aptitude like cleverness... consequently originality must be its primary defining mark. 2. Since there may also be original nonsense, (the products of a genius's efforts) must be... exemplary... (that is, they) must serve to inspire others to learn how to realize their own ambitions...(They do this if they) function as yardsticks for aspiring artists of successor generations: yardsticks against which to measure their own achievements if they then resolve to equal or surpass their predecessors. 3. Artistic geniuses cannot demonstrate how (they) contrive their works, for (they) give the rule as nature. Geniuses do not know how they arrived at their ideas, nor can they will such ideas into existence. 4. Through genius, Nature prescribes the rule, not to science, but to art, and this only if the art in question ranks as fine art.