Thursday, September 10, 2009

You out there

I know you read miami.bourbaki, but refrain from making comments. Here are some possible reasons:

a- you appreciate the blog but abhor discussing aesthetics (is that a legitimate subject?).
b- the scope of the topics are not enough to arouse your desire to say anything (why not Iron Painter?).
c- miami.bourbaki is just another case in point of why art criticism is in a worldwide "crisis."
d- you keep visiting in the vain hope of finding posts on Abstract Expressionism.
e- you make comments -only- if you got an explicit assurance that the moderator will treat you with respect.
f- you're put off by the blog’s lack of rigor.
g- "commenting" is for students.
h- you'd only reply if the moderator was a member of October.
i- what's the point?