Sunday, September 27, 2009

My fellow Americans

My fellow Americans: This time I come from the meadow of dubiety and suspicion. The present time of crisis is not for the fainthearted. A precarious moment for our country's dignity, no doubt. No oread nor maenad can help us carry through it, they say. It's the behavior of our once robust economic performance that remains most discouraging, they gloatingly repeat. Even our Freedmanite/Mankiwnean unswerving breed of neoclassical pundits feel intimidated by the neo-Keynesian huns. "Debt," "deficit," "unemployment," "manufacturing fiasco" compete now at a par with "bailout," "government regulation," and "Madoff-like." "Terror," for years our weltanschauung, has lost its wished-for eclat. 

Why this reversal?

THEY LIE! Banks are not to blame, much less the country's economy. Capitalism and freedom always made us stronger -which is why the world hates US. At a moment of unparalleled growth, in the midst of the fight against terror (and right on the verge of elections), they orchestrated the failing of America.

Dark anti-American forces betrayed our system. The flimsy and weak-minded blamed the virtues of the system as scrofulous, as if prosperity, capital and entrepreneurship were a cure for the weak instead a source of pride for the strong. Our enemies have traded our sovereignty and freedom for the evil grip of so-called equality. Once more, the shadow of SOCIALISM following the religious communion of the free. How should we treat these traitors?

Let's fight back and reclaim our country from the clutches of Communism!


Anonymous said...

Triff, it's really scary.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious???

miamibourbaki said...

The ghost of JM visits miamibourbaki. He talks. Now you're the judge.

A.T. said...
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