Friday, September 4, 2009

Glenn Beck's Seminars in Art Symbolism

Another proof of Glenn Beck's innate ability to disinter picayune symbolic connections! But being that Beck is trying to establish relationships between two things "A" and "B," he never makes clear the differences between one and the other, he doesn't explain, much less justifies. Instead, Beck's sleight-of-hand turns inflations, weasel-wording, oversimplifications and questionable causes into medicine for our "ignorance"! 

It seems we're all in bad company these turbulent days of right-wing torpor.

Take a look at this statue of Buddha wearing the swastika. Buddha was a Nazi!

Beckeans of America may find promising esoteric connections in all sorts of stuff besides "hammer" and "sickle." Names like Vladimir, Nikita, Yuri are now suspect, as is the color red, "1917," Constructivism, any Shostakovich symphony, "pashka" the Easter dessert, etc, etc. It's self-evident! See the "Bolshevik connection" back to this Egyptian laborer, circa 8th Century BC? (By the way, whose father was born in Africa?)

Or in this painting, depicting a worker (defiantly wielding a hammer), by French artist Gustave Courbet. How did the French vote in the UN when we invaded Irak? (Whose middle name is Hussein?)

Everything is connected. Did you know that in 1871 Courbet was a leader of the Paris Commune? No wonder. Look at some of this pinko pervert's paintings. How is this any different from pornography? 

Do you want COMMUNISM in America? Is that what you want?