Monday, September 21, 2009

Are you anti-American?

The purported connections in the video may seem hyperbolic. They are not. A hardcore conservative/Republican mass has found a promising sentiment, the "anti-American" scapegoat. You figure that a conservative radio host in the middle of nowhere can get away with it. But a congresswoman? How could elected officials proclaim something that's blatantly false? Law of supply and demand. There are plenty of ears ready to heed the message. Who are these people? Many of the same who voted for George W. Bush and supported his "axis of evil" strategy (it's about fear, stupid!). Now they own a perfect combo of well-known, historically tested, American memes: "Communist," "Marxist," "Socialist."1 Don't assume that people necessarily learn from their mistakes. Fear mongering worked in the past, and will work again.
1What a bizarre paradox! The smearing becomes a sort of tegument. The radical right has disowned its own ideology when they picture Obama as a Nazi: How could they remain true Anglo-Aryans and picture "the Negro-in-Chief" as one of their own?