Sunday, August 23, 2009

We're all "Mao"

Remember me? Last year I was sold for $17 million in auction. Well, not exactly. You see, though there are slight differences -in color and texture on the prints, (even the uniform and badges we wear), I unequivocally declare: We are all Mao!

I exist by virtue of clever warholean silkscreen-multiples. One-in-the-many: The innocent farmer-boy in Shaoshan, the young idealist who studied under Yang Changji, the Communist revolutionary who won the siege of Chengdu and threw Chiang out of power, the author of the Red Book, the successful leader who founded the People's Republic of China, the self-made hero who swam -non-stop- across the Yangtze River, the bashful "actor" who -once a month in disguise- rode his bicycle in the middle of Beijing, the Chairman who spearheaded the Cultural Revolution, the doddering old man who died on a pissed, foul-smelling bed. If you want to visit me, I'm on display at the Hong-Kong Museum.